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Facilitates uploading and updating content, without the need for technical knowledge. Your Gateway to the Digital World.


Don QR and the return of the concept in the generation of QRs

Welcome to the QR Revolution! Our innovative app is a game changer: first we generate the QR code and then you decide what content to add! It's that easy. Turn any object, label or product into a unique digital experience.

Create Personalized Content Without Limits

No technical knowledge? No problem! Our tool has been designed with ease of use in mind. Add logos, images and texts with a few simple clicks. Customize your QR codes to suit your needs and change the content as many times as you want.


Thousands of Possibilities

A single QR can contain a universe of information. Create one, five, thousand or one hundred thousand custom codes in a matter of minutes. Open the doors to your marketing campaigns, events, catalogs and much more. There are no limits to your creativity.

Strengthen your Branding and Connection with Customers

Convey your brand identity with every scan. Personalize your QR codes with your logo and special messages. Create a unique and close connection with your customers, differentiating yourself from the competition.


QR Codes for an Enhanced Customer Experience and Higher Business Performance

Surprise your customers with exclusive content and obtain key data to improve your marketing strategies.

Boost your Marketing Strategies

Boost your marketing campaigns with QR & NFC codes. Add promotional content, offer exclusive discounts or share detailed information about your products. Take your strategy to the next level and surprise your customers.

Improved Customer Experience

Offer your customers an unforgettable experience. With just a scan, they will be able to access exclusive content, special promotions and much more. Create a direct and emotional connection with your customers.

Tracking and Data Analysis

Optimize your results with valuable data. Track and analyze the performance of your QR & NFC codes. Know your audience and improve your strategies to get better results.